Big enough to compete, small enough to care

In 2014, we began as a little company distributing dental instruments from our home. With over 15 years of experience selling in the medical field, we felt it was time to rebrand and focus on delivering solutions that were centric to the patient journey.

Why do we exist?

To enhance connected workflows using innovative medical technology to IMPROVE the quality of care.

What do we envision?

To EMPOWER the medical world with technology that magnifies visibility and yields insightful data for their everyday workflows.

How we will create it?

To CREATE dynamic and cohesive operational workflow in healthcare using RFID technology.

What matters most to us?

  • Respect and Value our Customers and Partners

    We strive to create an environment built on TRUST, TRANSPARENCY, and mutual RESPECT, encouraging openness to drive growth.
  • Commitment to Excellence

    We work tirelessly to ensure the QUALITY standards by our customers and partners are met.
  • Think Unconventionally

    Our success lies in developing INNOVATIVE ways to overcome challenges and product OUTCOMES.
  • Be Humble

    We can always IMPROVE.


Working with WHITECAT means you will magnify your visibility in your everyday workflows using patented RFID proven products designed for CSSD and OR. We have created modular solutions and services that will provide dynamic and cohesive workflows based on your current deliverables and budget. Our blend of expertise in medical devices, surgical instruments and real time location systems (RTLS) ensures we can digitally deliver on your clinical needs.

We didn’t just fall into it or grow into it. We had a vision and made it our mission. Stop guessing and start knowing with WHITECAT.

Try something different…

Trusted by our partners to deliver the very best solutions
Creating a safer and efficient patient journey, together.
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