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Balance safety, time and cost in the Operating Theatre with location driven clinical workflows.

Perioperative Ecosystem

The Operating Theatre (OR) solution binds the perioperative workflow. In this dynamic environment, orchestration is essential for balancing safety, time and cost. To complete this workflow, the integration into the Patient and CSSD cycle is essential. For more information on the CSSD solution, please click here.


Caretag is not about changing the workflow but adding value to the existing one.

Having the ability to synchronise departments to achieve excellent operational throughput would be any Perioperative Manager’s dream. We reduce speculation achieved through traditional workflows by utilizing RFID technology and customized software for OR and CSSD environments using Caretag.

Our system meets AS/NZS4187 sterilization standards and the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) accreditations. The Caretag solution provides you with a historical and auditable electronic solution. The overall solution is featured below.

Key Features

Individual Instrument Tracking

Unlike many systems, Caretag aims to reduce manual scanning of each instrument and tray with RFID bulk scanning technology.

Automated Prioritization for Workflow Optimization

Caretag automatically prioritizes trays required for surgical intervention.

Staff Assist

Each intelligent workstation has been designed to improve staff safety and take the guesswork out of counting.

Interdepartmental Communication

Caretag offers a diverse range of communication including, text, on-screen alerting and e-mail.

Inventory Analysis

Collate and analyse information on usage, maintenance and repair of each instrument or tagged device.


Caretag offers customised reporting and dashboards. Electronic reporting and printing available.


Interface with hospital information systems to optimize your workflow and communication.

Distribution Control

Caretag’s end-to-end touch free universal traceability provides control and efficiency in line with global supply chain demand and compliance.

Key Benefits

  • Increase patient & staff safety
  • Instrument accountability
  • Reduce manual count times
  • Robust adhered tag lasting >2500 autoclave cycles

  • Automation
  • UDI compliant
  • Reduced risk of cross contamination
  • Reduced risk of infections
  • Reduced perioperative wait times
  • Real-time location
  • Better inventory management


Complete your workflow when you add each module to your Caretag solution.


To support your big ideas, our services are as flexible as our designs.
  • Business case development
  • ROI trials
  • Local & international design team
  • Project management
  • Integration
  • Tag application
  • Training
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Recycling

For more information on each key feature, please contact us.

 Instrument Tracking

Safer. Smarter. Transparent Instrument Tracking Solutions.
To meet future legislative and global supply chain demands, we teamed up with Caretag. Caretag offers a complete medical tracking solution enabling facilities to track surgical instruments with a RFID tag. A robotic application arm is utilized to fit each instrument with a smart RFID tag designed to go through the sterilization process over 2500 times.
Advanced software combined with interference free scanners, bulk scan each tray to monitor significant parameters directly impacting safety, standards, operations, efficiency and costs.
Improve Safety and Quality of Care
Reduce the risk of retained surgical instruments (RSI) when you use our biologically and biocompatibility tested RFID tags. Using the same technology, create seamless automation and contactless environments to improve safety and quality of care.
Create Smarter Operational Workflows
Create efficient, rule-based workflows with intelligent tags and devices designed to enrich your data on bespoke dashboards. Just a single tap of your digital identity will deliver smarter choices for beings who thrive on improvement.
Optimizing Workflows with Transparency
Tag your instruments to obtain transparency to manage your rule-based workflows using location. Amend your workflow and resources based on your current situation – in real time. Manage your operational costs with dashboards, analyses and reporting.

 Environmental Monitoring 

Designed to meet compliance standards and prevent product loss to Australian and New Zealand standards. CENTRAK offers the most diverse range of temperature and environmental monitoring solutions. Ensure your critical items are protected 24/7 whilst eliminating manual measurements. With excellent battery life and complete redundancy, maintenance is easy. Take advantage of our maintenance agreement for regular visits to swap over NIST probes, update batteries, assist with wireless upgrades or configuration in the field.
Blood Bank
Clinical Lab
Food Service
Specialty Use

Learn more about the benefits of CENTRAK’s Environmental Monitoring Solution and Patient Flow.

Contact us to understand how we create cohesive workflows using various technologies and applications for cost conscious facilities driven to improve patient and staff safety.

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     General Surgical Instruments 

    SURGIWELL exclusively manufactures general surgical and dental instruments for WHITECAT. The instruments are manufactured in Germany and are made from both stainless steel and titanium. All our instruments are UDI compliant and customers have the option to apply a RFID tag for and real time location tracking and analyses.

    • General Surgery

    • Scalpel, Knives, Scissors, Forceps & Retractors
    • Probes, Applicators, Spatulas, Trocars, Suction & Cannulas
    • Diagnostics
    • Anaesthesia
    • Suture, Needle Holders and Dressing
    • Bone Surgery
    • Tracheotomy, Neurosurgery & Laminectomy
    • Intestines, Stomach, Rectum, Liver, Gall Bladder & Kidney
    • Gynaecology
    • Obstetrics
    • Ophthalmology
    • Othology & Rhinology
    • Oral Maxillo Facial
    • Tonsillectomy, Laryngo-Bronchoscopy
    • Sterilization
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      • Dental Surgery

      • Extraction
      • Surgery
      • Diagnostics
      • Periodontology
      • Conservative Dentistry
      • Prosthodontics & Orthodontics
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